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The Valentine’s Day is less than one month ahead. Is it too early to worry? Yes, if you are going to get a usual chocolate box from a shop down the road and maybe a bunch of roses from the corner flower shop. But if you want to get something special from Japan to please, impress and make your date completely fall for you this year, you might like to start planning now. Here are Takaski’s Valentine select gift ideas. Valentines Day Gifts from Japan

Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

Japanese major confectionary companies introduce Valentine special boxes every year. One of the unusual kinds is Ogura’s chocolate coated rice crackers. The type of rice crackers they use is ‘arare’ and it’s either savory or slightly spicy. These small rice crackers are coated with different kinds of chocolate such as matcha, milk and strawberry.

Shiseido’s Valentine special gift box is beautiful, too. Our recommendation is Valentine Chocolat Varie with three layers. Shiseido is internationally renowned cosmetics company and their confectioneries are as beautifully designed as their beauty products. In fact, it’d be impressive if you combine Shiseido’s Valentine special gift box and its beauty products such as Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner (see below).

Japanese Snacks and Sweets

Your date loves Japanese snacks and sweets? No problem. Select any item from our store and we’ll put them in a Valentine’s Day gift bag for free. Our No. 1 recommendation is Pocky’s “Sukky”. “Sukky” is a wordplay between “Pocky” and “Suki” which means “I love/like” in Japanese. Below Sukky, it says “I love/like you” in Japanese on the package. So if you want to declare your love in a subtle way, try “Sukky”.

Limited Edition | GLICO Pocky SukkyAnother funky idea to impress your Valentine is to get Kit Kat and Pocky that are available only in Japan. Kit Kat Matcha, Baked Sweet Potato and Otona no Amasa come in a bag of 12 pieces. Also, Pocky’s latest addition is Blue Pocky and its concept is “Share Happiness” with the icon blue bird on the package. These “Japan Only” items are very hard to get overseas.

Invincible Hello Kitty on the Valentine’s Day

Hello Kitty is an international sensation. The Japanese cat has a cult following around the world, and if your Valentine is one of the millions of Hello Kitty fans, you’d do very well with Hello Kitty gifts.

If you’d like to get a completely unique Hello Kitty gift, is Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Rolls. Funny enough, it’s one of the best selling products at our store and we also have them in our office bathroom. They are cute, smells nice and Hello Kitty always makes you feel warm inside, wherever you are! Also have a look at the Unpacking Japan video on the Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Rolls.

For Her: Japanese Beauty & Hair Care

It’s difficult to fail to impress your Valentine with Japanese beauty and haircare products. Our No.1 recommendation is Shiseido Tsubaki series. They are elegantly designed and has an international cult following. But before you choose, you need to know your Valentine’s hair condition. If her/his hair is dry, go for either Extra Moist or Damaged Control. If she/he wants volume in their hair, go for Volume Touch. If unsure, ask our shopping concierge by clicking the “Chat with us” located on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

SHISEIDO Tsubaki New Life Set of Damage Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Water Spray

For Him: Japanese Beauty & Hair Care Products

In the past Japanese men were indifferent to their skin or hair conditions. It was almost a sin to talk about beauty among men. I remember my father washing his face and hair with the same bar of soap on one hit in the 1980s. Now metrosexuality has arrived in Japan and it has become fashionable to use beauty products among men. See below for popular high quality items that are made in Japan and impress him this year.

Sake on the Valentine’s Day

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day stylish and romantic by having sake with genuine Japanese sake server and cups. The most popular sake set at Takaski is undoubtedly Nikko Tokkuri and Masu set. They are handmade by craftsmen in Nikko, using cedar from Nikko, where the World Heritage Site, Nikko Toshogu, is located. This award winning sake set is elegant and unique in design, and will surely help the Valentine’s Day and Night even more romantic.

If you are more into ceramic or glass types of sake servers and cups, here are some fantastic sets. What’s popular at our store is the Mount Fuji themed sake cups. The Japanese have always admired the highest mountain in Japan and their admiratino has increased even more after Mount Fuji was added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be cool and have sake with Mount Fuji on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Valentines Day Gifts from Japan.

We have more Valentine’s Day gift ideas here. If you’d like some advice, contact us directly. Our shopping concierge will work with you to find that perfect gift to that special someone in your life.