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KIT KAT is definitely one of the most successful chocolate snack brand in Japan. It owes its success to the fact that marketing is done extremely well and its vast variety of flavors speaks to ever discerning consumers that are Japanese customers. Since year 2000, for example, there have been over 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors produced in Japan.

In terms of marketing, Nestle, who produces KIT KAT, has come up with genius ideas of marketing, such as presenting KIT KAT as a lucky charm gift for university exams or sporting competitions. So clever!

KIT KAT has become such an everyday part of our daily life in Japan. Every time I visit a supermarket and I see a new flavor of KIT KAT, I have to try them (I eat one and give the other 10 or 11 to my husband). If I don’t, I feel like I’ve missed out something in my life in Tokyo. I’m sure Nestle marketing team is happy to hear that!

The problem with KIT KAT is this – There are constantly new flavors coming out, but once they are sold out, many of them never get reproduced. That’s the problem of all snack producers in Japan, though. I’ve stocked up the salty lemon version (see below) as I’m not sure if Nestle will have more of them available once they are sold out.Here are my personal top 5 limited editions of Kit Kats. Try them before they run out of supermarkets’ shelves!

No.1 KIT KAT Setouchi Salt & Lemon

Here is why KIT KAT continues to be loved in Japan. Remember the July 2020 heavy rain in Western Japan? KIT KAT Setouchi Salt & Lemon includes product donations to support people affected by West Japan heavy rain, and participates in reconstruction support activities through product purchases. Perfect for summer with a salt made of Seto Inland Sea, one of Japan’s most salted areas, with white chocolate mixed with a refreshing smell and mild acidity lemon powder grown in a mild climate. It is characterized by its taste.

KIT KAT Setonai Salt & Lemon Made in Japan

KIT KAT Setonai Salt & Lemon

No. 2 KIT KAT Halloween Apple Pie

Each year, Nestle introduces a new Halloween flavor, and last year was pumpkin pudding. Year 2019 is Apple Pie! This year’s Halloween KIT KAT bars come wrapped with different messages, making them as great trick or treat snacks. Also, interestingly, the color of chocolate is purple, not yellowish which resembles apple pie. But it still tastes like apple pie!

KIT KAT Halloween Apple Pie Flavour Made in Japan

KIT KAT Halloween Apple Pie

No.3 Kit Kat Premium Peach Mint

I’m not a big fan of mint chocolate, but KIT KAT’s Peach Mint is an exception. Peach is rather expensive in Japan and being a limited edition and the label “Premium” makes it even more exclusive. Kit Kat Premium Peach Mint, or any other ‘premium’ types of KIT KAT have adults as the key consumers, and my experience is that they are usually less sweet than standard types (or I could be wrong – what do you think?).

Kit Kat Premium Peach Mint Limited Seasonal Special Edition Made in Japan

Kit Kat Premium Peach Mint

No.4 Kit Kat Premium Aki Autumn Potato

Japan’s seasons are often associated with food such as vegetables. And autumn is definitely the season of oimo or sweet potatos. Naturally, KIT KAT comes with a sweet potato flavor and it’s delicious like there is no tomorrow. My Tokyo life in autumn is totally perfect when I have a KIT KAT sweet potato flavor and a cup of hojicha roasted tea.

Kit Kat Premium Aki Autumn Potato Made in Japan

Kit Kat Premium Aki Autumn Potato

No.5 Kit Kat Premium Chestnuts

Japan’s autumn never starts or ends with chestnuts products at supermarkets, and Nestle never disappoints us with this regard. Just like KIT KAT’s potato flavor, its chestnuts flavor is a must-to-eat seasonal KIT KAT!

This list is just five types of limited season versions of KIT KAT. Come and check out store every now and then for a new flavor!

Kit Kat Premium Chestnuts Limited Seasonal Special Edition Made in Japan

Kit Kat Premium Chestnuts

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