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Hi everyone! I’m Kyoko, a shopping concierge at Takaski’s online shop. I’m the one who communicates with you on our live chat as well as through emails. I’ve been asked to list top 5 everyday Japanese products Takaski staff recommendation. Japanese products are increasingly popular overseas, but many of you out there maybe thinking, “are they all good?”

Well, the answer is “no.” Some things are not necessarily good just because they are made in Japan. So it’s important that you learn which ones are good to buy! All Takaski staff make a point in buying made in Japan products and use them in their everyday life so that we can inform our customers better.

In our blog site “Blogski”, I’ll try to make personal recommendations based on my own experience as well as other staff and my family. And we promise we’ll be honest:-)

So without further ado, here is September 2016 top five!

No.1 FEATHER Samurai Edge Razor Blade Holder

FEATHER Samurai Edge Razor Blade HolderFEATHER Samurai Edge Razor Blade HolderObviously I don’t use it personally, but it comes from my husband. He recently bought a Feather Samurai Edge, and he’s been enormously taken by the product. Everytime he shaves with Samurai Edge, he asks me to touch his jaw, saying “You feel how smooth it is?” It gets rather repetitive, but he’s still at the honeymoon stage.

The only problem, though, is that it’s really, really sharp that he needs some getting used to. His previous blade wasn’t sharp at all, so he used to press the blade hard against his skin when he was shaving. He still has that habit, but you can’t do that with Samurai Edge Razor. As a result, he cuts himself almost every time he shaves, bleeding like mad, particularly around his adam’s apple…

Recently our SNS Team has put a caution out on our Facebook that Samurai Edge Razor needs to be handled with care. This product is the best news for those with thick beard;-)

No. 2 Bath Roman Bath Salts Powder SkinCare Milk Protein

EARTH Bath Roman Bath Salts Powder - Milk Protein 680g

I’ve never been a big fan of bath salts, but Eearth’s Bath Roman Bath Salts Powder SkinCare Milk Protein changed my whole daily routine. Now I have a bath twice a day because it’s that good!

Sprinkle a few spoonful of SkinCare Milk Protein into the bath and it will turn your regular bath into a gorgeous white milk bath in a second. Visual has a lot of positive effect on your mind. I feel immediately calm as soon as I see white, milky water in the bathroom.

Then the smell. It is so beautiful and calming. It lasts on my skin for hours. My husband particularly loves the smell, as he’s always worried about his body smell particularly in summer.

As soon as I dip in, I can feel my skin immediately feeling smooth, which also lasts for a long time. I love the way my skin feels in the morning, which has made me addicted to this product. With SkinCare Milk Protein, I wake up better and sleep better.

No. 3 HIRO Enzyme Aojiru with Matcha Organic & High Fiber

HIRO Enzyme Aojiru with Matcha Organic & High Fiber - 3g x 44 Sticks

I’ve tried a few different kinds of aojiru to date (including the most popular ones), but I find Hiro Enzyme Aojiru easiest to drink. Aojiru is something you have to take everyday, so if it’s too bitter or too strong, it’ll become hard to continue.

This product has a mild matcha flavour which makes it really easy to consum. I usually have it with milk (not non-fat) and it’s quite delicious.

Aojiru is believed to improve skin condition, reduce weight as well as combat against balding. The best benefit I draw from aojiru is that it keeps me and my husband very, very regular, so regular that we always feel light (if not empty) in stomach.

No. 4  SHISEIDO The Collagen Tablet

SHISEIDO The Collagen Smoothie

Shiseido the Collagen has been one of the best selling products at I’d never had collagen before, but I thought why not. I just wanted to know why this collagen is so popular, but never really believed it’d do anything so significant on my skin.

Three days after I began taking it, I could tell that my skin felt softer and smoother. In particular, I feel my hands feel so much softer. Now, my morning routine includes the Hiro Enzyme Aojiru, followed by Shiseido the Collagen!

No. 5 YAMASA Fresh to the Last Drop Shoyu Soy Sauce Reduced Salt

YAMASA Fresh to the End Shoyu - 50% Reduced Salt Soy Sauce

I’m not a big fan of ‘reduced’ products (like reduced salt, reduced fat, etc), but this one is different. It has an elegant taste and you’ll never notice that salt is 50% reduced.

And what makes this product a work of genius is its package. Normally, soy sauce gets really thick as it’s exposed to air for a long time. Last one third of soy sauce gets really dark and becomes too salty to enjoy food with.

Thanks to its smart package, Yamasa’s Fresh Drop series doesn’t get dark or too strong for 180 days. The mouth of the package shuts after you pour, so soy sauce is not exposed to air. As the name suggests, it’s delicious and fresh to the last drop!

This is the best option for those looking for reduced salt soy sauce but not wanting to compromise quality. Life’s too short to have bad soy sauce.

With these top 5 everyday Japanese products, our day at home is like this: when I wake up, I take Hiro Aojiru and Shiseido the Collagen in my pajamas. Then I take bath with SkinCare Milk Protein Bath Salt, while my husband starts shaving (and bleeding) with his Samurai Edge Blade. We eat healthily all day with YAMASA Fresh to the Last Drop Shoyu Soy Sauce Reduced Salt. We highly recommend them all!

Tell us which one is your favourite Japanese everyday product by leaving a comment and/or a photo below!