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On November 28th, TV Asahi announced the result of Japan’s top 30 snacks and sweets chosen by 100,000 voters around the country. Are you a fan of Japanese snack? Do you think your favoriet snack or sweets made into Top 30?

#30 LOTTE Pie no Mi

Introduced in 1979, Pie no Mi is Lotte’s chocolate snack with 64 layers of pie and chocolate.

LOTTE Pie no Mi Chocolate Snack

#29 MORINAGA Ottotto – Usushio Light Salt

“Fitting with this unique name, Ottotto is a light, crunchy snack that is shaped like the creatures of the sea”.

MORINAGA Ottotto - Usushio Light Salt#28 Baby Star Ramen – Chicken

Baby Star Ramen is light snack, which was originally only produced for the company employees using leftover ingredients.

#27 KAMEDA SEIKA Happy Turn

“Only 27th??” was the first comment by many on the show.

#26 LOTTE Ghana Milk Chocolate

Lotte only produced chewing gums in the beginning, and they launched into chocolate business with this distinctively red packaged chocolate in 1964. Its continuing popularity owes a lot to the ice skating world champion Yuzuru Hanyu!

Ghana milk chocolate

#25 CALBEE Jagabee – Light Salt

Jagabee was created as an everyday alternative for Jaga Pockle Potato Snack. which cannot be purchased outside Hokkaido.

#24 CALBEEPotato Tsubu Tsubu Vegetable

We know fried potato chips can never be healthy, but tsubu tsubu visible vegetables somewhat makes it okay;-)

CALBEE Sapporo Potato Tsubu Tsubu Vegetable

#23 LOTTE Choco Pie

It sent a shocking wave to many on the show that one of the country’s most beloved snack in Japan for many decades only made it in the 23rd!

#22 KAMEDA SEIKA Kakino Tane

Japanese in their 40s to 80s grew up with Kakino Tane, while younger generations are not so crazy about this historical product in Japan. Still top 22 out of hundreds of thousands of snack available in Japan is a massive achievement!

#21 CALBEE Sapporo Potato BBQ Flavour

This is the only potato chip snack made with chicken extract. As such, highly popular as snack with alcohol in Japan.

#20 KOIKEYA Karamucho Hot Chili

Hmmmm, Karamuuuucho… so hot and sooo gooooood. Perfect snack for drinking.

KOIKEYA Karamucho Hot Chili

#19 MEIJI Macadamia Chocolate

MEIJI Macadamia Chocolate

#18 YURAKU Black Thunder Mini Chocolate Bar

The world champion gymnast Kohei Uchimura is a big fan of Black Thunder!

#17 GLICO Pocky

“Noooooooo!!! Only 27th????” Many TV personalities on the show screamed in disbelief… The national snack Pocky was considered as the candidate for the top spot before the show was aired.

#16 MORINAGA Milk Caramel

Good things never change – Morinaga introduced Milk Caramel in 1913 and hasn’t changed anything about the product.

MORINAGA Milk Caramel

#15 CALBEE Pizza Potato

Double amount of cheese must have won the heart of young Japanese.

#15 CALBEE Pizza Potato

#14 MORINAGA Moonlight Cookie

MORINAGA Moonlight Cookie#13 MEIJI Carl Cheese

In my time back in the 80s, parties without Carl Cheese were unthinkable!

#12 CALBEE Potato Chip with Seaweed

Oh yes! My favorite! It’s one of few snack I have to have stocked up in our office:-)

#11 MEIJI Almond Chocolate

There are many similar products to Meiji’s Almond Chocolate. And yet, it keeps popping up on the table during our meeting in the office:-)

MEIJI Almond Chocolate

#10 MORINAGA Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew made it big in the US, but in Japan, it’s got nine more products to beat to get to the top!:-)

#09 MEIJI Fruit Gummy Grapes

#08 MEIJI Takenoko no Sato

Takenoko no Sato made it in top 10, but how about Kinoko no Yama!?

#07 KOIKEYA Potato Chips – Seaweed & Salt

KOIKEYA Potato Chips Seaweed

#06 CALBEE Hard Potato Chips – Light Salt
CALBEE Hard Potato Chips - Light Salt

#05 CALBEE Kappa Ebisen

Yes, of course. Kappa Ebisen is one of the soul snack to Japanese of all generations!

CALBEE Kappa Ebisen

#04 CALBEE Potato Chip Consome

CALBEE Potato Chip Consome

#03 KIT KAT Mini

#02 CALBEE Potato Chip Light Salt

CALBEE Potato Chip Light Salt

#01 CALBEE Jagariko Potato Sticks