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Oh yes, pores on our face – whether we loath them or not, our greatest enemy is always there, fishing for our attention. The best we can do is to find the beauty product that arms us to take control of our pores. Top 10 Japanese Skincare Products for Pores!

Now, let’s have a look at 10 most popular and reviewed products for pores in Japan this spring. How many have you tried?

No. 10 – QUALITY 1ST All in One Sheet Mask Moisture

Quality First mask sheets are preservative-free and produced in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Contains 700ml lotion, leaving your skin super moist.

Quality First All in One Sheet Mask Moist 50 Sheets

All in One Sheet Masks

No. 9 – KOSE Beauty Clear Powder

KANEBO Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is the best selling wash powders in Japan. Enzyme face Wash Powder wash the skin full of clear sense of roughness and dullness takes away any dead skin pores and dirt by decomposing the excess sebum and protein remaining in the skin. No fragrance, no coloring.

KANEBO Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Made in Japan

KANEBO Suisai Beauty Clear Powder


ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleanse Oil – Aroma Type 175ml. Contains Japan’s first ‘Rock Rose Oil’ which powerfully removes skin stains. Cleanses off makeup effortlessly, while leaving skin supple and firm. Free from mineral plant oil, paraben and alcohol-free. The color of this oil is simply original.

Having won the Best VoCE Monthly Ranked Cleansing, Attenir is the next big thing in Japan. Apply an appropriate amount to face, cleanse off makeup. No need for the use of facial wash foam or soap.

ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleanse Oil Aroma Type Made in Japan

ATTENIR Skin Clear Cleanse Oil

No. 7 – OBAJI C10 Serum

Produced by Rohto, which is famous for its eye drop products, Obaji C10 Serum is increasingly popular in Japan. This 12ml bottle is designed for daily use. Contains pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and Vitamin E and promotes moist and smooth skin.

Apply three to four drops to face after putting on lotion. Spread across face evenly.

OBAJI C10 Serum

No. 6 – SK-II Radical New Age

SK-II Anti-Aging R.N.A Radical New Age – 80g. Brings you the next level of firmness – lengthwise-crosswise firmness – for a hydrated glowing look.

Improves multiple signs of aging, giving you a new level of firmness from multiple angles, so that skin becomes firmer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant. After one jar, fine lines appear less defined. Embrace a future of youthful beauty!

SK-II Anti-Aging R.N.A Radical New Age Made in Japan

SK-II Anti-Aging R.N.A Radical New Age

No. 5 – COSME DECORTE Lotion Moisture Liposome

Hydration Boosting Serum – KOSE COSME DECORTE Lotion Moisture Liposome – 40ml. Contains multiple liposome which powerfully moisturize your skin. Apply the product (2 – 3 pumps) immediately after face wash and then feel the 0.1 micron Phospholipid penetrating deep in your skin.

COSME DECORTE Lotion Moisture Liposome Made in Japan

COSME DECORTE Lotion Moisture Liposome

No. 4 – IMYU NATURIE Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

This skin-conditioning toner contains natural hatomugi (Pearl barley or Job’s tears) as a moisturizer. Highly moisturizing and nourishing for rough, dry patches and protects the skin with powerful hydration, fighting irritation to keep the skin soft and smooth. Soothes redness after sunburn with a pleasant cooling sensation. No artificial fragrance or color are added.

No. 3 – FANCL Cleansing Oil

FANCL Cleansing Oil – 120ml. With this cleansing oil, you’ll never have to scrub your face. Powerfully washes off even waterproof makeup and gives you an instant removal, while keeping the protective mechanism of your skin and leaving it supple and firm. Its clear oil will remove the blackheads.

FANCL Cleansing Oil Made in Japan

No. 2 – NIVEA Cream

Oh yes, good old Nivea is still winning the heart of Japanese women concerned with pores!

No. 1 SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Finally, the top reviewed and most popular skincare product for pores is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It just is the best and if you are looking for a good deal, try our SK-II Facial Treatment Essence sets below.

SK-II Full Trial Starter Kit with Anti Aging R.N.A. Power Radical New Age

SK-II Full Trial Starter Kit with Anti Aging