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Face wash foam is vital to maintaining healthy skin. Even if you have expensive cosmetics, it won’t look good on damaged skin. Let’s see what kind of face wash foam products are trending in spring in Japan. Top 10 Face Wash Foam in Japan and Skin Care Products.

Overall, Japanese cosmetic companies dominated the top 10 ranking for the face wash foam section. Shiseido seems to be the biggest winner as their three products make it in top 10 this spring.

No. 10 – NOV AC Active Washing Foam

Nov was established in 1985 and its founder’s mission was to create skin care products that are good for sensitive skin. AC Active Washing Foam is one of Nov’s many multi-award winning products. It peels off old skin and removes oil while keeping skin moist and free from acnes. It also brightens up face after wash. Free from fragrance, color and oil. Whitening effect. Allergy tested.

Review from @Cosme: I think my skin feels smoother after each wash. This is a good product for those who are not into peeling. My skin doesn’t feel that scrubbed, but it feels so smooth.

NOV AC Active Washing Foam - 100g

No. 9 – SABON Face Polisher

The Israeli takes No.9 place in the ranking of face wash foam!

No. 8 – ALBION Ignis Brightening Foam N

Albion introduced Ignis as a line of skin care products that will work slowly but truly remedy trouble skin. Ignis Brightening Foam N has rich lather that powerfully and gently washes your skin. Contains coconut oil that is effective in treatment. Its rich lather deeply penetrates skin and takes care of aging skin. Perfect for those who yearn for clear and smooth skin.

Ignis is competing against Albion’s another line of skin care – Exage. But at one website, an ex-employee of Albion strongly recommends Ignis over Exage because of the former’s slow but effective remedial power.

IGNIS VQ Brightening Foam N - 120g

No. 7 – SUAWA Face Wash Foam

Well, Suawa has been making soap for body and face for over 100 years in Japan. All ingredients are sourced domestically and the company has a secret original blend technique.

Review @Cosme: My face feels so supple and firm. It’s such a time-saver in the morning. I don’t have to use the lather making bag to make rich lather. I like the bottle design, too. I like Suawa because it’s gentle but powerfully washes off dirt and oil. I have very sensitive skin so fragrance, oil, color, mineral oil and paraben free Suawa is perfect for me. We use face wash foam everyday so we should choose carefully.

SUAWA Face Wash Foam 150ml - 100 Years of Making Soap in Japan

No. 6 – Cow Brand Mutenka Face Wash Foam

COW BRAND Mutenka Non-Additive Face Wash Foam is designed for all types of sensitive skin and contains amino acid. Imposes very little stress on skin with rich lather, and yet cleanses off dirt and oil effectively. It contains natural ceramide that moisturizes your skin.

COW BRAND Mutenka Non-Additive Face Wash Foam - 200ml

No. 5 – SHISEIDO Senka Perfect White Clay

SHISEIDO Senka Perfect White Clay’s rich lather contains white clay, which powerfully brightens up face color and removes dirt and old skin. also contains natural silk essence and double hyaluronic acid. Floral fragrance. Allergy tested and no coloring.

Review @Cosme: I wanted to get rid of blackheads on my nose. It worked! Lather is so rich and I can tell that my face tone is brighter than before in one week. It really gets rid of dirt from pores. Loving it.

SHISEIDO Senka Perfect White Clay - 120g

No. 4 – ORBIS Aqua Force Mild Wash

Foundation no longer necessary with ORBIS Aqua Force Mild Wash – 120g. Designed to moisturize from within. You have a shiny forehead but still feels dry in other parts of your face? Orbis Aqua Force Mild Wash might be perfect for you. Effectively removes old skin and dirt from pores.

ORBIS Aqua Force Mild Wash - 120g

No. 3 – AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing

AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing – 120g. Contains papain enzyme, kiwi extract, scrub and apple acid. Designed to massage and support your skin and digs out dirt from pores, brightening up the color of your skin. It helps to prevent darkening, spots, acnes and dirt in pores.

AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing - 120g

No. 2 – SHISEIDO d Program Conditioning Wash

SHISEIDO D-program Conditioning Wash – 150g. Defense and development is d Program’s philosophy. Designed to care for skin by moisturizing and cleansing at the same time, leaving your skin supple and firm, without a hint of dryness. This product removes unnecessary oil and dirt and prevents acnes and unpleasant feel on skin. It is free from paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrance and color. Allergy tested.

SHISEIDO d Program Conditioning Wash - 150g

No. 1 – SHISEIDO Perfect Whip

The most reviewed and popular face wash foam in spring in Japan this year is Shiseido Perfect Whip! This super popular face wash is also increasingly popular overseas. If you haven’t, try Perfect Whip trusted and loved by Japanese girls here.

SHISEIDO Facial Cleansing Form – Perfect Whip

SHISEIDO Senka Perfect White Clay - 120g