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King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia and his large delegation of over 1,000 began a four-day Japan visit on Sunday 12 March. This is the first trip to Japan by a Saudi king in 46 years. When King Salman arrived at Haneda Airport, he was welcomed by Naruhito the Crown Prince of Japan. Tokyo Hosts Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and His Large Delegation.

King Salman met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday. He is promising to cooperate for the stability of the Middle East and to spur a stronger economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries. Today, King Salman is scheduled to have lunch with Japan’s Emperor Akihito.

King Salman’s visit maybe just four days. But, so much had to be planned to prepare for the mammoth delegation accompanying the king. It includes Saudi royal family members and ministers. For instance:

  • Approximately 10 aircraft were required to transport the huge delegation to Japan
  • Over 1,000 rooms at high-end hotels in Tokyo have been reserved
  • Some 500 limousines have been hired

While King Salman’s historical visit is highly welcomed by the Japanese Government and Japan’s Imperial Family, Japanese public has also another reason to be excited about – his delegation going on a shopping spree in Tokyo.

For instance, large electronic stores in Tokyo are putting up signs in Arabic “Ahlaan bik fi alyaban!” Tens of black limousines are parked up in front of major high-end department stores in Ginza. Obviously waiting for the delegate to finish shopping there. According to news reports, Japanese products and food are booming in Saudi Arabia.

As of today, King Salman’s delegates have two more days to shop in Tokyo. We’ve taken the liberty of creating a unique shopping list for his delegates!

#1 Aojiru – Barley Grass and Kale Drink

The problem of not being able to eat enough vegetable is a universal issue, and aojiru is Japan’s best solution to this problem.

#2 Diet Supplements and Diet Food – Lose Weight and be Beautiful

Japanese diet supplements and diet food are highly sought after all over the world. They tend to work well on weight loss, but the advantage of Japanese diet supplements is the fact that they are nutritious. Some brands are also effective for improving skin condition. Japanese diet supplement and diet food are the best answer to the dream of enjoying that delicious food in Saudi Arabia without worrying about putting on extra kilos.

#3 Eye Drops – Beautiful Eyes in Dry Climate

If anything King’s delegate should get in Japan, it’s Japanese eye drops. It’s hard to find such a huge variety of eye drops anywhere else but Japan!

#4 Pain Relief Patches

Pain is also a universal problem to which Japan offers the perfect solution – Japanese pain relief patches, or shippu in Japanese. It is reported in Japan that IT industry will be given an economic boost in Saudi Arabia as part of its effort to become less focused on the oil industry. IT-related work tend to give stiff shoulders and sore back, and Japanese pain relief patches will be an indispensable, must-have item in the desk drawers in Saudi Arabia:-)

#5 Japanese Kitchenware – From Hello Kitty to Nambu Tekki

Japan has it all the kitchenware that the whole world dreams of. From super traditional kitchenware to super modern or cute ones, a quick visit to department stores in Japan will be like a visit to Disneyland.