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FREE shipping directly from our Tokyo warehouse. Please select your country on the checkout page to see availability.

All prices are Japanese tax free and include parcel tracking and international shipping insurance.






Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide directly from our Tokyo warehouse only. We also offer different shipping options, but availability depends on the weight and types of items you order (more below). There are some locations to which packages cannot be shipped. We will contact you as soon as it becomes clear that we can’t ship your order to the selected location. We do not ship by EMS Express to any military addresses in the US. Also, most post offices around the world deliver door to door. However, in many cases clients are required to collect/pick up the parcel from your local post office due to a variety of reasons which are based on your country’s decision and are beyond our company control. Once your parcel is dispatched, we will always send you a tracking number by email and in your website account so you can check where your parcel is exactly and take appropriate action. If you are not sure then please contact us directly for further information. Thank you for your understanding.

What are the shipping options?

Packages from our office in Tokyo can be shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service), By Air, ePacket and SAL Parcel, or SAL Small Packet Registered (up to 2 kg). Availability of the shipping options depends on the size, weight and shape of your order parcel. If you would like to see the exact shipping fee then please add some products to the cart and the choose your country on the checkout page.

EMS Express shipping

EMS (Express Mail Service) is the fastest and most reliable form of international shipping. EMS packages usually arrive at their destination 3 days to 2 weeks after shipment. Click here to check if your country accepts EMS packages. Tracking information for packages shipped via EMS will automatically be sent to you when your order is shipped.

SAL Regular Parcel Registered

SAL Regular Parcel is an alternative shipping method available for most orders above 2kg, but requires more time for delivery compared to EMS. Depending on your location, shipments sent via SAL Parcel may require 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. To see whether or not SAL Parcel is available for your country, please click here. Online tracking is available, and will be included in a shipping confirmation email when your order leaves our warehouse.

SAL Small Packet Registered

SAL Small Packet Registered is the most economical shipping method and requires 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Unfortunately, though, this method is not available for all orders and countries. To begin with, packages cannot exceed a maximum weight of 2 kg or a maximum dimension of Length+Width+Height=90 cm. In addition, some locations do not accept SAL (see above). If this method is available for your order, you will see “SAL SMALL Packet Registered” at the Checkout. When your order is shipped, tracking information will be sent to you in a shipping confirmation email. Tracking information for shipments sent via this method, however, is not as frequently updated as SAL Parcel or EMS.

How long does it take you to ship my order?

As soon as humanly possible! If products you ordered are in stock, it will take us 3 to 5 business days to ship them. However, dispatch time may take longer during busy holiday seasons particularly Christmas and New Year time. Regular shipping and EMS Express are always our priority. If your product is out of stock, we will email you asap to let you know how long it will take us to ship your whole parcel. Shipping times required for delivery depend on location, shipping method and how long your country customs office and your local post office process the parcel.

Tracking information: Japan Post delivers parcel to your country and till then Japan Post updates tracking information. Once parcel is in your country, all tracking information is updated by your country’s Post Office.

Please note that TOTAL DELIVERY TIME = DISPATCH TIME + SHIPPING TIME. The table below contains estimated international shipping times provided by Japan Post but the times may vary by country:

Shipping MethodAverage Shipping Time according to Japan Post
FREE Shipping (min. order apply)2-4 weeks + trackable + insured)
REGULAR Shipping2-4 weeks + trackable + insured)
FAST Shipping10-18 business days + trackable + insured)
EMS Express Shipping5-10 business days + trackable + insured)

What is item processing time ?
After your order has been received, every item will undergo strict quality control in order to ensure the product’s quality. Please note that different items are subject to different processing times. Generally, the average processing time is 1-3 business days (approximately); however, this is dependent on the item’s stock status. Handmade products may take longer and you’ll be informed of the delivery time soon after purchase.

My address has changed… can you reroute it?

Once your parcel is already shipped from Tokyo then we won’t be able to assist you in rerouting your package. What you can do is to contact your local post office and request your package to be rerouted.

How is my order going to be shipped?

We always make sure to pack all parcels the best way possible in accordance with Japanese International Shipping Standards. All parcels we ship have fully paid international shipping insurance included. Depending on the size of your order, our dispatch team may ship your order in one or two separate parcels to minimise the possibility of our clients being charged customs fee and/or import taxes in their countries. If the order is shipped in separate parcels, we always inform our clients by sending a tracking number for each parcel the order dispatch confirmation email. The same message is also immediately added into your Ochaski account.

My parcel has been returned to Japan. What can I do?

If a parcel is returned to our office in Tokyo for a reason arising from a client (e.g. an incorrect address), we will resend the parcel to the correct address but the client needs to pay for a full shipping fee even if an order was eligible for free shipping. The client will be contacted by our Tokyo office as soon as we receive the parcel.

Is it possible for you to declare my order as a gift? Or lower the value?

We try to do our best to help you receive your order with ease and our packing process is specifically designed to avoid any complications with your country’s customs, but we abide by the rules regarding shops processing international shipments. This ultimately means that we are unable to lower the value of the ordered products due to provided parcel insurance. Thank you for understanding our shipping policy!

Is it possible to change my shipping address?

If your order hasn’t been shipped out of Japan yet, to change your shipping address, please log into “My Account” and change your address there as soon as possible and notify us by email immediately. If your order has already been dispatched, we won’t be able to reroute your package – please contact your local post office, provide a tracking number which you receive from us and request to reroute your package to your new address.

I found a price difference on another website

All our products are genuine and originally made in Japan. Also, our products are exclusively shipped directly from our Tokyo warehouse. We do not provide any comments on or explanation for our pricing practice and policy. We also do not engage in discussing our prices in comparison to those of other online shops. Our product prices may differ from other websites due to many variables such as availability of products, expiry dates, price inflation, dispatch and shipping costs, seasonally fractuating labour cost, ect. Our company provides 100% guarantee of authenticity and originality of all the products we sell in our online store. Thank you for your understanding.


What currency and how do I pay?

To ensure security of customers shopping with us, we take payments in USD$ and other currencies which are converted according to Yahoo Exchange rates through our Credit Card system and PayPal verified accounts only. We are fully PayPal verified so you can always shop with peace of mind.

Credit Card – you can pay securely by credit or debit card via our system.

Direct Bank Transfer (wired transfer) – For orders which exceed $2,000, please contact us directly.

Note: Please tell us after you pay the wired transfer with your order number, the amount paid, the transaction number and the exact date you made the wired transfer.

Is it safe to pay using my credit card?

Yes it is. Our checkout page is HTTPS SLL secure and fully complied with international standards. All credit card purchases are processed through our Credit Card system and PayPal (read more about PayPal). Please also notice that we don’t store your credit card information on our servers.

Is it possible to pay by installments?

Installment option is not available and the payment has to be paid in full at that time of placing an order.

Am I supposed to pay additional fee in my country?

We do everything what is possible to make sure that there is no additional fee in  your country. We also pay extreme attention to the way we package your products. However, we do not have any possible way to influence your country’s customs laws. In some countries, you might have to pay tax before getting your package. Customs taxes are not included in the total of your order and it is your responsibility to confirm whether or not duties and taxes may be levied.


How do I cancel my order?

We only accept order cancellation within 24 hours from the moment your international order is placed. However, even if it’s less the 24 houers, once your order is being processed by our dispatch team and prepared for shipment or consists of products which are already on the way directly from Japanese producers to our Tokyo warehouse then you won’t be able to cancel your order. Please kindly accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

Can I change the type or amount of items I’ve already ordered?

Once you see your order being “Processed” on Your Account, it is not possible to change your order (including the size, color or version of a product ordered). However, please contact us immediately to see if we can accept your request for change.

Is it possible to return or exchange an item?

Due to our sales policy, we can’t accept returns or exchange requests. Before purchasing, please note that all sales are final. If items are defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact us immediately.


Do I need to pay a customs fee/import tax in my country?

Yes, you do. If your country’s customs office decides to charge you a customs fee, you are always responsible for paying customs fees or import tax as an importer. Ochaski is not responsible for custom fee or import tax and will not provide any refund or compensation. However, we alway try to minimise the customs fee/tax in your country.

Oh no! The product I received is damaged.

Our QAP (Quality Assurance Policy) is very strict and we would never send a damaged product to you. However, we are aware that sometimes items could get damaged during international transportation process by Japan Post and/or your country’s Post Office. If your item is damaged at that time of receiving your parcel, please let us know asap and we will submit a damage report to Japan Post, who will launch an official investigation into why, how and by whom your item was damaged.

Ultimately Japan Post and your country’s Post Office are responsible for investigating your case and for compensating your damaged item if your case is proven eligible. Unfortunately cannot influence their official investigation nor compensation assessment.

Please contact us within one week of your package arrival. To process your claim, first we will ask you to provide photos or a video of the damaged product, which we might submit to Japan Post along with an official damage report.

Second, you’ll need to submit a damage report to your post office in your local area (please bring your ID such as a driving license).

Once two damage reports are received by Japan Post, they will investigate and inform the sender the result of their investigation. When a compensation payout is received at our store, we’ll ask you to resend the damaged item back to our Tokyo warehouse and upon arrival of the item, a replacement will be dispatched to the address of the customer. Please note that the replacement cannot be sent to a different person or address under no circumstance.

Assistance with your claim won’t be available if:

  1. Seven days after your package is officially declared “delivered in the online tracking information.
  2. There is no provision of images of the damaged product upon request.
  3. The product is not deemed to be damaged or defective after assessing the images provided by you.
  4. The product has been previously used.

My parcel is sent back to Japan! Can you resend it for free or refund?

If your parcels are returned back to our Tokyo warehouse then we can re-ship your parcels on a few conditions. First, you’ll be charged for re-shipping and processing fee for each parcel when arrive back at our office in Tokyo. When the payment for re-shipping and processing is made, your parcels will be sent back to you as soon as possible.

Even if your order was eligible for free shipping in the first place, re-shipping is NOT FREE under any circumstance. Thank you for your understanding.

Under any circumstance, there will be NO refund for a parcel returned to Japan. Returned items will be stored at our storage for six months since the date of return to Japan. If customers do not agree to pay for re-shipping fee, they will be discarded after six months.

My parcel can not be released from Customs Office. What can I do?

Our refund policy stipulates that a refund will be considered only when a product is damaged or defective upon arrival. It is the customer’s responsibility to check taxes and make sure that a particular product can be imported. Thus, in the case of a parcel being seized, or rejected entry and returned to Japan, by your country’s Customs Office, we are unable to provide a refund.

Can I get refund for shipping because my parcel didn’t arrive within the estimated time?

All shipping estimates are provided in accordance with Japan Post and in most cases shipping is shorter than the estimates. However, neither Japan Post nor can garuntee that international parcels definitely arrive in the destination country within the estimated time.

The estimated delivery time means the fastest possible delivery time indicated by Japan Post in the case of no delay by the customs or local post office in the destination country. Please note that the delivery time depends largely on the speed of processing by the customs in your country and the speed of delivery by your local post office.

Neither Japan Post nor can negotiate with the customs or local post office in your country to speed up the process. No ‘special arrangement’ can be made with the customs or post office in your country.

In the increasingly tightened security measures against terrorism placed by a number of countries, in particular those in Europe, there is an increasing chance for a delay in international postal delivery. Japan Post nor can be held responsible for the delay in delivery of international parcels. Neither Japan Post nor thus will be able to refund shipping fees.

Can I keep the product when I get a refund?

No, a customer cannot keep a product when asking for a refund. If it is confirmed by our refund management office that the product is indeed damaged, a customer will be asked to return the product to our office in Tokyo first and we will either refund or resend a new product.

I’ve tried the product I purchased and don’t like it. Can I get a refund?

A refund will not be made in the case of a personal preference (e.g. “I don’t like the taste”, “I don’t like the look of this product”). Our refund policy stipulates that a refund will be made only when a product is damaged or defected upon arrival. The customer needs to (1) notify us within seven days of the package arrival and (2) provide pictures or a video of the damaged product.

In accordance with Japan law, we’re not allowed to re-sell any food or cosmetic products which are returned from overseas. Thus, we can not provide a refund for food, drink and cosmetic items.

I never got my parcel! Can I get a refund?

We’ll take an immediate action if your parcel is lost. If you do not receive your parcel within a reasonable timeframe, please contact your local post office first by presenting your tracking number. In some countries we provide a free shipping option with and without a tracking number. If you’ve selected free shipping without a tracking number then we are unable to assist you in this matter and will not be able to refund or resend your order. Every parcel we ship has a full international insurance paid which is only valid for (6) six moths from the dispatch day. If you have not received the parcel and you did not contact us within 6 months then the insurance is expired and we can not provide any refund.