YAMASA Fresh to the Last Drop Shoyu Premium Select Japanese Soy Sauce 600ml – Made in Japan

$ 24.90

YAMASA Fresh to the Last Drop Shoyu – Premium Select Japanese Soy Sauce. The specially designed pouring beaker blocks air from entering inside the bottle, keeping shoyu soy sauce fresh to the last drop. That’s why Yamasa shoyu never turns black. It keeps for 180 days even if kept in the room temperature. YAMASA Fresh to the Last Drop Shoyu is much lighter and more eco-friendly than regular glass bottled shoyu. It’s easy to use as there is no bottle cap to be put on. In comparison to standard shoyu, this premium select shoyu has 1.2 times more umami taste. The deep taste helps bring out the best of all cooking ingredients. No genetically modified soybeans used. . Don’t eat sushi without old black soy sauce.

Producer: Yamasa Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 x 600ml bottle
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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YAMASA Fresh to the End Shoyu - 50% Reduced Salt Soy SauceYAMASA Organic Shoyu Premium Select Japanese Soy Sauce Made in Japan

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