WAKODO Smile Pocket Yogurt Flavored Cookies with Banana – from 9 Months – Made in Japan

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WAKODO Smile Pocket Yogurt Flavored Cookies with Banana are suitable for babies aged from 9 months and over. Banana flavored cookies with moderate sweetness. Contains plenty of iron and calcium. Ingredients include flour, shortening. sugar, maltose, banana puree, egg, starch, sterized fermented milk powder, sweetened condensed skim milk, salt, calcium carbonate, raising agent, ferric pyrophosphate

Wakodo was founded by Professor and surgeon Tsukasa Hirota in 1906. In the 100th year anniversary, Wakodo joined one of the largest food and beverage companies, Asahi, in 2006, becoming one of the biggest baby food producers in Japan. All Wakodo baby food and snacks are made in Japan with Japanese ingredients.

Producer: Wakodo
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 2 pieces x 6 bags
Delivery: Directly from Japan

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