Tokyo Banana Pudding Cake Maple Heart Flavored 8 pcs – Made in Japan

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Welcome to the world of Tokyo Banana! Tokyo Banana has become an internationally sought-after souvenir of Tokyo, offering a series of Japanese sweets. This product is Tokyo Banana Pudding Cake, made with soft sponge cake and banana pudding taste cream, appealing to both men and women and young and old. Experience the Tokyo sensation and impress your family and friends during a tea time! TOKYO BANANA HEART Maple Flavor A design of hearts is baked into this light and fluffy sponge cake. The banana custard filling has a subtle maple flavor. You will find a “heartful of love” in our TOKYO BANANA HEART. Ingredients Maple Flavor Banana Cream (Starch Syrup, Banana Paste, Sugar, Skim Milk Powder, Banana Puree, Vegetable Oil, Egg Yolk, Maple Syrup, Wheat Flour, Gelatin), Egg, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Emulsified Oil, Dried Egg White, Modified Starch, Seasoning (Amino acid), Emulsifier (Soy origin), Flavor, Baking Powder, Sorbitol, Food Coloring (Caramel, Monascus, Carotenoid), Sodium Acetate.

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Producer: Grape Stone Japan
Country of manufacturing: Japan
Amount: 8 pcs, taste: Banana pudding
Delivery: Directly From Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Banana Pudding Cake Maple Heart Flavored

Tokyo Banana Pudding Cake Giraffe Design Made in Japan

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