TOHATO Uji Matcha Green Tea Caramel Corns x 3 Boxes – Made in Japan

$ 19.50

TOHATO Uji Matcha Green Tea Caramel Corns. Matcha caramel corn Soft, crispy, and melts softly Uji matcha in a gentle and delicious caramel corn The used “Matcha caramel corn” has joined the ranks! A bittersweet, fragrant matcha flavor You can enjoy it. Raw material name Corn grits (domestic production), sugar, vegetable oils and fats, margarine, matcha, sweetened brick milk, matcha paste, salt / sorbitol, fragrance, emulsifier, gardenia pigment, carotinoid pigment, (Some contain milk ingredients and soybeans) Manufactured with the same equipment as products using eggs, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, and crabs. “Matcha caramel corn” using Uji matcha is joining the ranks of fluffy, crispy, and softly melting caramel corn with a gentle taste! You can enjoy the bittersweet and fragrant taste of matcha.

Producer: Tohato Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 3 x boxes, 70g each.
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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TOHATO Uji Matcha Green Tea Caramel Corns Made in Japan

TOHATO Harvest Super Thin Appetising Match Milk Biscuits Boxes Made in Japan

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