TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp Plus Hair Tonic- 60ml – Made in Japan

$ 89.20

TAISHO SEIYAKU RiUp Plus – 60ml. Especially designed for early balding among young to middle aged individuals to help strengthen, thicken and grow their hair. Contains Minoxidil that has been used in over 90 countries. *Not suitable for women.

Out of 100ml: Minoxidil (1.0g); Pantothenyl ethyl ether (1.0g); Tocopherol acetate ester (0.08g); and menthol (0.3g) Minoxidil works directly on hair follicle, improving the synthesis of cell growth and protein. It takes a while before effects can be noticed (approximately at least six months). Apply 1ml to your hair twice a day. Do not increase the amount of each intake (keep it 1ml per time).

Producer: Taisho Seiyaku
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 60ml
Delivery: Directly from Japan
*Not suitable for women

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Classification of male pattern hair loss

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