SUNTORY Strawberry Milk Nectar 190g x 3 Cans – Made in Japan

$ 19.50

SUNTORY Strawberry Milk Nectar. If you have a sweet tooth and have always known strawberry flavour is the best, then we have the drink for you! This strawberry milk drink is a deliciously sweet, flavourful pick-me-up, with the added convenience of being in a can. Best served straight out of the fridge. Milk, dairy products, sugar, strawberry juice, flavor, baking soda, cochineal pigment, emulsifier, calcium lactate, vitamin D. Ingredients and properties Energy (per 100g) 63kcal Protein (per 100g) 2.1-3.3g 2.2-2.9g fat (per 100g) 7.3g carbohydrates (per 100g) 0.17g of salt equivalent (per 100g) Vitamin D (per 100g) 0.2μg 94mg calcium (per 100g) Approximately 140mg of potassium (per 100g) About 70mg phosphorus (per 100g).

Producer: Suntory Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 3 x 190g aluminium can
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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SUNTORY Strawberry Milk Nectar Cans Made in Japan

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