SHISEIDO Tsubaki In Room Dry Shampoo Gel 180ml – Made in Japan

22.50 USD

No need for water, no need for drying, no shampoo in your room? No problem, shampoo in the room dry. No need for water and no need for drying, so shampooing can be completed easily anywhere. Refreshing “stickiness” and “smell” of hair and scalp. Can be used anywhere. Shower / dryer time 0 seconds shampoo in the room. Anytime, anywhere, beautiful clear scalp, no-stickiness, no-odor. Refreshing feel and soft hair. Use on busy mornings or tired nights, at home, at work, at school. Can be used anytime, anywhere. Mint: Cooling ingredient, green tea extract: Contains skin conditioning and protective ingredients. By applying speed dry gel formula, when gel is applied, it changes to liquid like water. Excess water evaporates immediately, giving a feel that does not require a dryer. In addition, sebum-absorbing powder absorbs sebum remaining in the scalp and pores, preventing direct contact with the skin and hair. In order to achieve beautiful hair from the core without worrying about spreading, swelling, and undulation, dry shampoo gel consists of 100% naturally derived ingredients. Some major beauty ingredients: lemon fruit water, botanical essence, soy protein, royal jelly and camellia oil essence. Mint (cooling ingredient), green tea extract (skin conditioning / protective ingredient).

Producer: Shiseido Japan
County of production: Japan
Amount: 1 x bottle = 180ml
Delivery: Directly directly from Tokyo, Japan

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SHISEIDO Tsubaki Dry Shampoo Made in Japan

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