SHABONDAMA Mutenka Non-Additive Soap Shampoo – Trial 15ml x 5 Sachets

$ 7.10

SHABONDAMA Mutenka Non-Additive Soap Shampoo is gentle on scalp and helps maintain healthy, bouncy hair. It contains natural ingredients including tsubaki camellia oil and is made via the slow ‘kamadaki’ method. Mutenka Non-Additive Soap Shampoo has rich and creamy lather and helps clean hair effectively. This product is free from silicone, Synthetic polymer, scent, color and preservatives.

Shabondama Sekken Co. Ltd. was established in the southern part of Japan, Fukuoka, in 1949. In their early days, their signature products were all types of soap. In 1970s, Shabondama received a request for additive-free soap from the Japan Rails. Since then, the company has grown to include a wide range of daily hygiene and beauty products that are additive free. All their products are free of animal test, too.

Producer: Shabondama Sekken Co. Ltd.
Country of Production: Made in Japan
Product weight: 15ml x 5 sachets
Delivery: Directly from Japan

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