SCOTTIE Cashmere High Quality Facial Tissues 440 Sheets Since 1985 – Made in Japan

12.90 USD

SCOTTIE Cashmere High Quality Facial Tissues. Attractive soft and moderate moist feeling. A tissue that feels soft to the touch and moderately moisturized and feels as good as “Cashmere”. Recommended for use around the face as it does not tingle even when rubbed against the skin. However, the price per pair is a little high at 0.9 yen, so it would be useless for anything other than faces. Scotty’s popular tissue paper “Cashmere” has a large capacity of 220 pairs (440 sheets) that realizes “softness”, “softness” and “durability”! Scotty’s popular tissue paper “Cashmere” is a package design based on white that blends well with your favorite interior. 220 sets (440 sheets) that realize “softness”, “softness” and “durability” Large capacity.

Producer: SCOTTIE Japan
Country of Manufacture: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 box = 220 pairs (440 sheets)
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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SCOTTIE Cashmere High Quality Facial Tissues Made in Japan

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