S&B Mandala Store Butter Chicken Curry Medium Hot 3 x 200g Bags – Made in Japan

$ 32.80

S&B Mandala Store Butter Chicken Curry Medium Hot is one of the most popular curry mix products in Japan. Butter chicken curry with deep flavor of ripe tomatoes and butter It is a famous restaurant that won the 2nd Kanda Curry Grand Prix and has made a name for itself in Kanda, Tokyo, the most competitive curry area in Japan. The representative menu, “Butter Chicken Curry,” is a mild North Indian-style curry with the umami of ripe tomatoes, sourness and rich butter. The hot spiciness is a delicious taste that lingers. Raw material name Chicken (Thailand), tomato paste, fresh cream, butter, cashew nuts, corn oil, chicken extract, vegetables (garlic, ginger), sugar, spices, salt, yeast extract, flavor oil/thickener (modified starch), paprika pigment. , flavoring, emulsifier, seasoning (nucleic acid), (contains wheat, milk, cashew nuts, soybeans, and chicken)

Producer: S&B Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 3 x 200g, taste: Medium Hot
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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S&B Mandala Store Butter Chicken Curry Medium Hot Made in Japan

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