SANTEN Sante PC Contact Blue Light Eye Drops 12ml – Made in Japan

$ 18.90

SANTEN Sante PC Contact Blue Light Eye Drops. For discomfort and eye strain when wearing contacts Care for light damage caused by blue light, etc. The blue light emitted from the screen of a smartphone or PC = the so-called blue light, which puts a strain on the eyes. “Sante PC Contact” is an eye drop that treats eye irritation and eye strain caused by this blue light. You can use it with your contact lenses on. In addition to vitamin B6, which promotes tissue metabolism in damaged eyes, neostigmine methyl sulfate, which improves the ability to adjust the focus of eyes tired from smartphones and PCs, and flavin adenine, which promotes the repair of cornea damaged by long-term contact. Maximum concentration of nucleotide sodium (active vitamin B2). In addition, epsilon-aminocaproic acid reduces eye inflammation. It is an eye drop that is effective for eyestrain of contact users who often stare at smartphones and PCs for a long time. * Maximum concentration of general ophthalmic drug manufacturing and marketing approval standards It can be used while wearing all contact lenses except colored contact lenses. It can also be used by those who do not wear contact lenses.

Producer: Santen Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 x 12ml bottle
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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SANTEN Sante PC Contact Blue Light Eye Drops Made in JapanSANTEN Sante PC Contact Blue Light Eye Drops Made in Japan
SANTEN Sante PC Contact Blue Light Eye Drops. Have you ever experienced symptoms such as hard contact, loose eyes, or out of focus after working on your computer for a long time? One of the causes may be corneal damage caused by contact lenses. Sante PC Contact contains yellow active vitamin B2 that repairs the cornea, making it easier to work on a painful computer because it tends to reduce blinking. In addition, the maximum concentration * of ingredients that loosen the stiffness of the eyes and activate the tissue metabolism of the eyes improves the painful eyestrain. In addition, it contains epsilon-aminocaproic acid that suppresses inflammation caused by contact use. All types of contact lenses [soft, O2, hard, disposable] * can be instilled while wearinga

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