QUALITY FIRST All in One Mask EX The Best 30 Sheets Box – Made in Japan

$ 49.50

NEW Quality First The Best All In One Sheet Mask. 63 types of cosmetic ingredients blending, employs a thick stretch sheet of the multi-layer structure, all-in-one sheet mask that achieves full-fledged care. Preservative-free which is a large-capacity mask first. Hari elasticity about 40% UP! Encourage the turnover of the skin, leading to skin full of moisture and firmness “concentrated yeast”, “raw collagen”, aims to skin with vitality, full of moisture from the ground by continuing to use such as “base-up Moist”, The blended carefully selected 63 types of of cosmetic ingredients. In addition it has a whopping Essence 100g increase! Luxury stretch sheet of the multi-layer structure for the first time adopted a large capacity mask the stretch sheet of a multi-layer structure that is actually used in luxury cosmetics brand. Tuck a large amount of cosmetic solution to a multi-layer of the gap, and then released all at once when placed on the skin. Also because there is elastic, by pasting it to the pulling, and lifting effects. Though thick that, even texture to fit tightly excellent. Good preservative free sheet mask in order to seal the physically skin sheet, requires close attention also to the stimulus. The Quality First is a large-capacity mask I realized is the first “preservative-free”. How to use: This mask can be used every day, 10-15 minutes a day

Producer: Quality First Japan
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Quantity: 30 sheets, Type: Cotton mask sheets produced in Ehime Prefecture
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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LULULUN One White Face Mask Made in Japan

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