Premium Hida Beef Curry Medium Hot 250g 1 serving – Made in Japan

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Premium Hida Beef Curry is luxuriously produced with high quality beef from Gifu Prefecture. One of the hidden ingredients is locally produced miso. Hida Beef Curry is chosen as one of the most popular gift products in Japan.

Producer: Harokan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 250g
Ingredients: Onion, Hida beef, beef bouillon, flour, lard, apple, worcestershire sauce, salt, beef extract, garlic, miso, starch, spice, caramel and carotene color, amino, emulsifier, sweetener (part of the ingredients contain milk, chicken, soybeans and banana).

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How to cook:

  • Stove
    • Do not open the package and simply place this product in boiling water
    • Boil this product for 5 minutes
    • Open the package and serve with rice and pickles
  • Microwave
    • Open the package and place the content (curry) onto a plate
    • Wrap the plate with Glad Wrap and microwave the curry for 2 to 3 minutes
    • Serve the curry with rice and pic

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