OTSUKA Pocari Sweat Squeeze Bottle 1L + Bonus Pack – Made in Japan

19.80 USD

NEW OTSUKA Pocari Sweat Training Squeeze Bottle. The 1 liter squeeze bottle that can be carried during sports has been renewed. The popular pearl blue color is used as it is, but the unevenness of the body uses “Waveline”, a stylish design that feels water, a soft material that easily pushes out the contents, a shape with a “constriction” that is easy for small children and women to hold, the top of the cap Practicality has been improved, such as a cap that has a finger rest on the inside for smooth opening, and a wide-mouthed lid that is easy to wash and dry. POCARI SWEAT is a health drink that contains a balance of ions (electrolytes) that resembles the natural fluid balance in the human body. Quickly and easily replenishes the water and ions that your body needs, and quenches every part of you. Best known sports drink in Japan and helps gain ion and alleviate hangover. One litter per package. Stir it well before drinking and keep it cold for best effect. Easily replenishes water and ions This health drink lets you easily replenish the fluids and ions lost while sweating.

Producer: Otsuka Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 x bottle for 1 litre of liquid + 1 x 74g Ion Sports Drink
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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OTSUKA Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Sports Drink MixOTSUKA Pocari Sweat Squeeze Bottle Bonus Pack Made in Japan

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