OCHASKI TENKU Premium Sencha Green Tea + FREE 60 Tea Bags – Made in Japan

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TENKU Premium Sencha Green Tea is a light-steamed green tea harvested on the mountain in Kawane, Shizuoka Prefecture. Tenku has an inviting aroma and a deep umami (taste) thanks to the significant difference in the morning and day temperature and the mist that surrounds the area. Tenku is light-steamed so that the original aroma and taste remain in tact. Established in Tokyo, Ochaski is a nihon-cha specialist, offering premium Japanese tea to tea lovers around the globe. All Ochaski’s tea products are single-sourced from Japanese family-run tea growers only. They are thus 100% traceable. Ochaski’s collection of tea begins with a conversation with tea growers. It is not only Ochaski’s tea that is made in Japan – the tea containers, bags and wrapping materials are also made right here in Japan. Grower – The 9th generation of a family-run tea farmer family in Kawane.

Producer: OCHASKI Japan
Country of Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 50g of tea in a re-usable made in Japan can + FREE 60 Tea Bags
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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The region where this tea comes from in Japan

Kawane, Shizuoka

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