NOBEL Super Sour Soda Candy 88g x 3 Bags – Made in Japan

18.50 USD

NOBEL Super Sour Soda Candy. Triple layer soda candy! Each candy is surrounded by a thin layer of ultra-sour powder that gives a super sour boost then melts away to fizzy sweetness. Enriched with arginine (300mg) and citric acid (4500 mg). This is the Family Pack with a cool pop art design and contains twenty individually wrapped candies. Once you open this awesomely retro package of Super Soda sour candies, prepare yourself for a puckering of lips. You'll be as shocked as the characters on the package. You'll have to fight through the great sourness of the outer layer before you get to the sweetness of the soda candy underneath.

Producer: NOBEL Japan
Country of manufacturing: Japan
Amount: 3 x 88g bags
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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NOBEL Super Sour Soda Candy Made in Japan

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