NITTOH KOCHA Tirol Chocolate x Nitto Tea Cafe Mocha x 8 Sachets Limited Edition – Made in Japan

$ 13.50

Collaboration between Tirol chocolate and Nitto tea! Café mocha inspired by Tirol chocolate’s long-selling product <coffee nougat>. Cocoa and coffee, two rich and fragrant. Contains calcium and vitamin D and is recommended for children’s snacks. POINT! This product is manufactured by Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd. Nitto Black Tea under the supervision of Tirol Choco. Powder type that can be easily enjoyed simply by dissolving in hot water. One cup of aluminum is always fresh with delicious aluminum packaging. It is a convenient stick type. You can enjoy deliciously with warm milk. Ingredients: sugar, dextrin, skim milk powder, instant coffee, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, salt, milk protein / shellfish calcium, flavor (derived from milk), phosphates (Ca, K, Na), thickener (CMC- Na), casein Na, emulsifier, sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), vitamin D Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacture (before opening) Storage method: Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity Precautions Be careful when handling boiling water. Consume as soon as possible after opening individual packaging. There may be white grains, but there is no problem in quality as it is shell calcium.

Producer: Nittoh Japan
Country of Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 92g = 11.5g × 8 sachets
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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NITTOH KOCHA Tirol Chocolate x Nitto Tea Cafe Mocha Sachets Made in Japan

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