NICHIBAN Roihi Tsuboko Relief Patches Best Seller 156 Patches – Made in Japan

$ 24.50

NICHIBAN Roihi Tsuboko was introduced in 1932 and has been one of the best selling Japanese relief patches according to the Yahoo Japan Ranking. Unlike standard patches which are square, Roihi Tsuboko patches are round, making it easier to apply them to different parts of your body. Roihi Tsuboko warm patches contain Nonylic Acid Amide, which helps improve blood circulation, relieving from stiff shoulders, bad back.

Roihi Tsuboko Relief Patches are made at Nichiban’s factory in Osaka, Japan. 100% Japan-made by one of the most reputable Japanese companies. *Instructions are in Japanese (if you need help with the instruction, please contact us). See below for effective spots to apply patches.

Producer: Nichiban Japan
Country of Production: Osaka, Japan
Product Weight: 80g
Amount: 156 patches (Diameter 2.8cm)
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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NICHIBAN Roihi Tsuboko Pain Relief Patches - 156

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