NICHIBAN Roihi Felbion Relief Patch Plaster 12 Sheets – Made in Japan

$ 46.90

NICHIBAN Roihi Felbion Pain Relief Patch Plaster Sheets. Felbinac, the painkilling antiphlogistine, penetrates the skin to act directly on the enzyme called cyclooxygenase to inhibit the painful biosynthetic activity of prostaglandin. As a result, the tape helps reduce pain flares and aches in your shoulders, back or joints, etc. Beige colour, unscented. The newly developed Wing-separator® enables easy application. Comfortable and non-straining on joint areas as well. Precautions: Please do not use the product if you belong to any of the following categories. If you have developed allergic symptoms before (e.g. rashes or flares, itching, skin eruption, etc.) from using the product. If you are an asthmatic. If you are, or may be, pregnant. Children under 15years of age.

Producer: Nichiban Japan
Country of Production: Osaka, Japan
Amount: 1 box = 12 sheets
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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