NESTLE Rich Luxury Uji Kyoto Matcha Latte 4 Pack – Made in Japan

13.80 USD

Nestle Rich Luxury Uji Kyoto Matcha Latte. Just by using hot water, you can enjoy the intense astringent elegant taste of Uji Matcha made slightly mellow with milk. The sweet harmony of matcha and milk is perfect for cold mornings during winter. Relax with a delicious cup of Matcha Latte that you can easily enjoy everyday. Kyoto Nestle Uji Matcha Product.

Producer: Nestle Japan
Country of manufacturing: Japan
Amount: 4 sticks = 60 grams (4 packs x 15 grams)
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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NESTLE Dark Luxury Matcha 4 Pack Made in Japan

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