NESTLE Dark Luxury Uji Kyoto Matcha 4 Pack – Made in Japan

$ 13.80

Nestle Dark Luxury Uji Kyoto Matcha. Just by using hot water, you can enjoy the intense astringent elegant taste of Uji Matcha. The deep rich matcha flavor is perfect for cold mornings during winter. Relax with a delicious cup of Dark Matcha that you can easily enjoy everyday. Kyoto Nestles Uji Matcha Project Product.

Producer: Nestle Japan
Country of manufacturing: Japan
Amount: 4 sticks = 26 grams (4 packs x 6.5 grams)
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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NESTLE Rich Luxury Uji Kyoto Matcha Latte 4 Pack Made in Japan

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