Mino Ware Kikizake Sake Tasting Set Janome Double Ring – Made in Japan

42.00 USD

Kikizake sake tasting is one of Japan's tradition, referring to the appreciation of sake at professional sake tasting events. Mino Ware is one of the most famous forms of pottery and produced in the Mino region in Gifu Prefecture. This Mino Ware set comes with two tokkuri sake servers and six guinomi sake cups. Enjoy kikizake at home!

Country of Production: Japan
Material: Porcelain
Size: 1) Small tokkuri sake server: 53mm×133mm (150cc), 2) Large tokkuri sake server: 56mm×175mm (275cc), 3) Guinomi sake cups: 50mm×43mm (70cc) x 6 cups
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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