MEITO SANGYO Instant Royal Milk Tea Powder 400g – Made in Japan

22.50 USD

New MEITO SANGYO Instant Royal Milk Tea Powder. Treat yourself and your guests to some delicious Royal Milk Tea, with this high quality milk tea powder, the same kind that’s so popular in Japan. Just add 3 teaspoons of powder into one cup of hot or cold water, stir, and it’s ready to drink. One package contains 400 grams of milk tea powder good for around 28 servings. A great item from Japan. Ingredients: This product contains milk, wheat and peanuts. Sugars (sugar, lactose, maltose), nonfat dry milk, corn syrup, vegetable oil, black tea extract, dextrin, butter milk powder, raw cream powder, whole milk powder, casein, phosphate (Na, K, Ca), perfume, casein Na, emulsifiers, coloring agents (vitamin B2), soybeans.

Producer: Meito Sangyo Japan
Country of Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 x 400g
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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MEITO SANGYO Instant Royal Milk Tea Powder Made in Japan

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