MARUYAMA Coffee Deep Roast Rich Fragrance Drip Coffee 11g x 5 Bags – Made in Japan

25.60 USD

Maruyama Coffee Deep Roast Rich Fragrance. Maruyama knows what makes every bean special. Unique roasting techniques distill that personality into incredible results. After a batch of raw coffee beans is bought straight from the source, the next step is the roast—and roasting specialty coffee is all about getting the most out of what makes the beans unique. We heat the raw beans at around 200°C, which darkens the surface and initiates a chemical change inside. Through that heating process, the beans’ distinct aromas and flavors start to shine through. The roaster’s job centers on tailoring the process to the individual bean, always concentrating on finding the optimal balance between the acidity and aroma profiles. It’s hard to overstate just how pivotal the method is—the same beans can come out tasting completely different depending on how the roaster approaches the task. A good roaster knows how to put the personality of a given bean front and center, and we’ve installed American-made Smart Roaster systems at our roasting facilities so that our roasters have top-of-the-line equipment for the job. Enjoy!

Producer: Maruyama Coffee
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 11g × 5pcs per box
Delivery: Directly From Tokyo, Japan

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MARUYAMA Coffee Deep Roast Rich Fragrance Drip Coffee Made in Japan

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