Magewappa Seiro Steam-Basket Size 6 – Handmade Microwavable – Made in Japan

$ 135.00

Magewappa steam-basket made of Japanese cypress. Each item is handmade by local craftsman in Niigata Prefecture on the west coast of Japan’s Honshu island. Made with all natural materials, this magewappa steamer has the pleasant smell of cypress, and produced by Adachi Shigeki Shoten (founded in 1830), it is highly unusual in that it is microwavable.

All you have to do is place steamable food inside and just microwave it – you’ll have a beautiful steam-warm meal in style, without an artificial smell of plastic (see pictures of other cooking examples below). Magewappa steamer makes great meal as cypress soaks up extra moisture.

The materials used for the steamer is all from Japan and as follows: The base (Japanese hemlock), draining board (bamboo), the steamer-basket (Japanese cypress), the band (Sakura cherry bark).

Originated in the Odate area, Akita Prefecture, magewappa is one of Japan’s most treasured traditional craftworks with a history of over 400 years. The process of making magewappa involves placing shavings into boiling water, bending them while wet and tying up with bark from sakura trees.

Producer: Adachi Shigeki Shoten
Country of Production: Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Size: Ø17.5 /H6 cm *Size may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the product
Delivery: Directly from Japan

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Magewappa Steamer-Basket

Magewappa Steamer-Basket

Magewappa Steamer-Basket

Magewappa Steamer-Basket

NOTE: Do not use actual heat to warm the basket (it will burn as it is made with cypress). Use a soft sponge to wash the steamer and dry it completely in shade before putting it back to a cupboard.

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