LULULUN Plus The Power Masks 10pcs Special Box – Made in Japan

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LULULUN Plus The Power Masks 10pcs Special Edition. LuLuLun only uses the best fragrance-free, artificial coloring-free, mineral oil-free natural ingredients and carefully tested out combinations for optimum treatment. Adopting an unique 3-layer structure and a perfected cuttings and skin adherence, LuLuLun face masks allow deep penetration of beauty ingredients and results in radiant and supple skin everyday.

Producer: Glide Enterprise
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Quantity: 10pcs, type: Cotton mask sheets
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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LULULUN Plus The Power Masks Special Box Made in Japan


Feminine Mystique Boost – Blend of Rose Essential Oils from Bulgaria The full-bodied fruity rose fragrance provides anti-aging care with aplomb and grace. Floral overtones accentuate your air of feminine mystique. The Damask rose extract conditions for natural, healthy, and young-looking skin.


For Spiritual Clarity – Blend of Clary Sage Essential Oils from France. A mask for when pampering and clarity of mind is in order after a long and stressful day. The spicy aroma of clary sage has sweet and warm overtones that smooth over emotional rough edges for unparalleled relaxation. Additional beauty components help prevent rough skin, to have you glowing both inside and out.


Dreamlike Healing – Blend of Lavender Essential Oils from France Lavender is known to be the most versatile of aromatic oils. Its soothing floral aroma is an excellent source of stress relief. Lavender extract firms up the skin, and effectively permeates dry skin to restore optimal nourishment.


Courage to Tackle New Challenges – Blend of Lemongrass Essential oils from India Lemongrass has been used for centuries in India for its pleasing balance of booth crisp and sweet floral overtones. Lemongrass revitalizes the senses when you are tired, and provides an extra boost to take on new challenges. Lemongrass extract also returns your skin to its natural luxuriant appearance.


Stress Relief – Blend of Yuzu Essential Oils from Japan (Kochi) Yuzu is an excellent source of Vitamin C and other essential nourishment. The refreshing citrus aroma of yuzu strikes hope in uncertain hearts and soothes daily stress. Yuzu ceramide nourishes the skin for a bright and vibrant complexion.


Moisturizing Shine – Blend of Golden Silk from Thailand. If you want to capture the secret of silk’s luster, you have to use silk itself. An extract sourced from lustrous gold silk works with hyaluronic acid and ceramide to restore the skin with essential moisture and radiant luster. For aged skin, it is a moisturizing match made in heaven.


Lovely Moisturizing – Blend of Manuka Honey from France. The honey in this mask was harvested from the manuka, which means “tree of healing” in the Maori language. The honey’s hydrating effects protect the skin from winter dryness, creating an irresistible youthful and loveable skin appearance.


Youthful Clarity a Blend of Acerola Extract from Japan (Okinawa) Acerola extract is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. It controls the production of melanin to prevent wrinkles and freckles. The FRESH RED/FRESH facemask is a potent conduit of nature’s own vitamin power.


Uniform Brightness – Blend of Sunflower Seed Extract from Switzerland. Sunflowers are emblematic of sun’s vibrant rays. Extract sourced from new sunflower buds is a ripe natural source of components that create soft and glowing skin. The extract permeates dull, drab skin to restore the appearance of vitality and create a uniform, sunny glow.


Complete Aging Care France’s Merd’iroise is said to be the purest sea in the world. Homeo age is one beauty component produced from this exceptional water. Chock full of nutrients, homeo age is a vital element of aging care. The HOMEO AGE/GRACE face mask condenses this precious ingredient into one convenient sheet.

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