LULULUN One White – Brightening Face Mask – Made in Japan

$ 26.00

LULULUN One White -An innovative skincare treatment from Japanese cult-favurite beauty brand LuLuLun which brightens dull skin with the ONE Face Mask in White. Pioneering the concept of daily use for long-term benefits, each sheet mask features a three-layered structure to minimize friction and optimize efficacy, saturated in a thick, creamy essence that melts into skin with a multitude of benefits. The essence is composed from a careful selection of essential ingredients, combining to form an advanced micro-sized oil that boasts a superior delivery method of nutrients and whitening actives. How to Use: 1) After washing hands, take the mask out of the pouch. 2) Apply it onto clean face. 3) Place mask over eye area first, then spread over entire face. 4) Leave on for 5-10 mins. 5) Remove the mask and pat skin with the folded mask to abosrb excess product.

Producer: Glide Enterprise
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Quantity: 1 bag = 5 sheets
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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