LOTTE Pie no Mi Matcha Pie Biscuit – 69g – Made in Japan

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LOTTE Pie no Mi Matcha Pie Biscuit – 69g. Introduced in 1979, Lotte’s Pie No Mi has been one of the most popular snacks in Japan. “Pai no mi” literally means “fruits of the tree of pie” and the 64 layers of pastry is the essence of this snack. In 2016, Ottotto was chosen as the 30th most delicious snack by 10,00o voters.

Ingredients: wheat flour, margarine, sugar, vegetable oils and fats, lactose, maltose, cocoa butter, whey powder, whole milk powder, powdered green tea (Uji), cream powder, salt, emulsifier (soy), flavors, safflower yellow, gardenia

Producer: Lotte Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Delivery: Right from Tokyo, Japan

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