KOSE Predia Spa Et Mer Blanc Comfort Milk 130ml – Made in Japan

$ 56.50

Predia’s special water “Deep Ocean Water” is combined with “pearl barley oil”, “barley water” and “barley extract”. An emulsion that keeps the skin healthy by approaching skin problems such as skin irritation, acne and dullness * due to changes in the season and environment. * By drying Protects moisture and gives supple skin full of transparency with inconspicuous pores. Focusing on the rhythm unique to women, it contains sebum-like ingredients. Adjusts the oil / moisture balance of the skin, creating a clear skin with no color unevenness. It is a fresh and comfortable feeling of use, with no stickiness, weight or film feeling, and excellent permeation *. Despite its fresh feel, you can experience a sense of transparency, brightness, smooth skin and softness right after use.  To the stratum corneum It is effective for preventing acne and preventing hot and dry skin, sunburn, snow and afterburning. A clear scent that conveys an effect. How to use Please use after preparing skin with lotion. Take about 100-yen coins on your palm or cotton and apply it to your skin so that it gently slides.

Producer: Kose Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 x 130ml
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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KOSE Predia Spa Et Mer Blanc Comfort Milk Made in Japan

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