KIT KAT Spring Sakura Kinako Roasted Soybeans 12pcs Limited Japan Time Only

12.80 USD

KIT KAT Spring Sakura Kinako Roasted Soybeans Limited Time Only. Yet another amazing Kit Kat from Japan, which Kit Kat fans around the world could die for! Limited number of items for a limited time only, so hurry and stock up your Kit Kat storage box today!

Producer: Nestle Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 x 12pcs bag
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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Kit Kat Japanese Shop in Tokyo
KIT KAT Spring Sakura Kinako Roasted Soybeans 12pcs Limited Japan Time Only. This spring-limited pack of chocolate wafer treats is the perfect treat to share during tea time. Each piece is coated in delicious sakura-flavored chocolate. In between the layers of wafers is kinako (roasted soybean) powder, adding both flavor and texture to the Kit Kat! Embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Japan with our Sakura and Kinako flavored Kit Kat, a tantalizing fusion of delicate cherry blossoms and the rich, nutty essence of Kinako. Let us unravel the captivating story behind the exquisite taste of Kinako. Kinako is a traditional Japanese ingredient made from roasted soybeans. To produce kinako, soybeans are roasted and ground into a fine, golden-yellow powder. This process imparts a distinctive nutty flavor and a toasty aroma to the powder. Kinako is commonly used in Japanese cuisine to enhance the taste of various dishes. Add to that the velvety sweetness of Sakura-infused white chocolate and the result is a symphony of tastes that harmonize the floral elegance of cherry blossoms with the comforting depth of roasted soybean flour, creating a uniquely delightful treat that pays homage to Japan’s culinary heritage.

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