KIT KAT Strawberry Gateau Chocolat 10pcs – Available Only in Japan

$ 13.80

KIT KAT Strawberry Gateau Chocolat Made in Japan. As with the gorgeousness of the package, please enjoy an adult KitKat that is different from usual. The Kit Kat first came to Japan in 1973, but the first 100 percent, truly on-brand Japanese Kit Kat arrived at the turn of the millennium, when the marketing department of Nestlé Japan, the manufacturer of Kit Kats in the country, decided to experiment with new flavors, sweetness levels and types of packaging in an effort to increase sales. Strawberry! A pinkish, fruity Kit Kat would have been a gamble almost anywhere else in the world, but in Japan, strawberry-flavored sweets were established beyond the status of novelties. The strawberry Kit Kat was covered in milk chocolate tinted by the addition of a finely ground powder of dehydrated strawberry juice. Be one of the first to try the latest Japanese KitKat in your country.

Producer: Nestle Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 bag = 10 pcs of KitKats
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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KIT KAT Strawberry Gateau Chocolat 10pcs - Available Only in Japan

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