KAO Megurhythm Tummy Steam Warm Patch 5 Sheets – Made in Japan

19.90 USD

KAO Megurhythm Tommy Steam Warm Patch is a direct stick-on warming patch that aims at soothing and easing soreness fatigue in the tummy. It is particularly effective for females during their menstrual period. Megurhythm Tommy Steam Warm Patch offers a comfortable warming feeling (around 40℃), which can sustain for 5- 8 hours. How to use it: The patch is applied inside the underwear, so only the original soft mesh surface directly touches the delicate skin. Put underwear on, remove the left and right paper strips, and apply inside the underwear.

Producer: KAO Japan
COP: Made in Japan
Amount: 5 sheets
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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