KAO Asience Volume Rich Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Set – Made in Japan

$ 59.50

KAO Asience Volume Rich Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Set. This set is perfect for newcomers to Asience as well as professional users. Asience volume Type are designed to cater for the needs of thick, dry, damaged, perm-treated hair. It contains camellia oil and ginseng extract that help retain moisture and restore suppleness within the hair follicle. For soft hair that is firm and entangled It provides internal hair care, which was not possible with 1 layer oil. “Highly lustrous luster essence ” penetrates into the hair. Each time it is used, it leads to cohesive, moisturizing hair. In Kao’s hair oil. Repair and moisturizing. Pomegranate fruit extract, honey, pearl protein. Panax ginseng extract, silk protein. Malic acid (repair and moisturizing) Hydrolyzed conchiolin. Hydrolyzed silk

Producer: KAO Japan
COP: Made in Japan
Amount: 450ml shampoo + 450ml conditioner + 180g treatment
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan


KAO Asience Volume Rich Shampoo Made in Japan

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