KAO Asience Urushin Penetration Care Oil for Hard Hair 110ml – Made in Japan

24.90 USD

KAO Asience Urushin Penetration Care Oil for Hard Hair. For glossy hair that fills the inside of the hair with each use. For hard hair quality. For those who feel stiff and loose. 2-layer type that is used by shaking. Highly penetrating luster essence formulation. Dense floral oriental scent with gorgeous charm. Pomegranate fruit extract, honey, pearl protein, aloe extract, succinct acid, malic acid (repair, moisturizing). Hydrolyzed conchiolin. How to use it: 1.Shake well so that the oil and essence mix well 2.Apply an appropriate amount to towel-dried hair and dry hair. The next morning, you will get a soft, easy-to-use, moisturised hair!

Producer: KAO Japan
COP: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 x 110ml bottle
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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KAO Asience Volume Rich Shampoo Made in JapanKAO Asience Urushin Penetration Care Oil for Hard Hair Made in Japan

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