KANSUKE Table Sake Warmer Set – Made in Japan

385.00 USD

Create an izakaya at home with KANSUKE Table Sake Warmer Set. This special set comes with (1) a tin chirori sake server (2 ‘go’ worth of sake or 360ml | made in Toyama Prefecture), (2) a handmade pot (made in Gifu Prefecture), and (3) a wooden box (made in Kanagawa Prefecture). To warm sake, add hot water to the pot (300ml hot water to warm 1 ‘go’ or 180ml of sake). Add sake to the tin chirori sake server and place it inside the pot. The temperature goes up to 55 degrees (depending on the room temperature). Atsukan sake thermometer is available, too.

Country of origin: Japan
Amount: up to 360ml
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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Weight1.68 kg

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