KAGURAZAKA OKOSHI Gift Pack with 8 Bags – Made in Japan

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8 bags of Kagurazaka Okoshi in a gift box. The box contains the total of 8 bags (one original flavour, one brown sugar, one earl grey, one nori flavour, one black pepper, one mix vegetable, one maple, and one kinpira flavour). A great gift idea! Kagurazaka Okoshi is one of the most beloved okoshi brands in Japan. Okoshi is a popular puffed rice snack in Japan and Kagurazaka Okoshi offers 33 traditional and contemporary okoshi, offering a variety of flavors such as mayonnaise, curry, ginger, maple, hot chilly, apple, etc.

Producer: Kagurazaka Karyo
Country of production: Japan
Amount: 4 individually packed pieces x 8 bags = 32pcs, shelf life: 3 to 4 months
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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Kagurazaka Okoshi Shop
Okoshi is a popular Japanese snack, made by roasting steamed rice, mixing them with other ingredients such as peanuts and sesame seeds, and forming and coating them with sugar and starch syrup. It’s said that street vendors near the Kaminari Gate in Asakusa in the mid Edo period started selling okoshi. Today Kagurazaka okoshi has gained prominence as a local favorite and popular Kagurazaka souvenirs. Kagurazaka is an increasingly popular shopping and gourmet districts in Tokyo.

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