Japanese Sobagara Buckwheat Husk Height Adjustable Pillow Hemp Dark Red – Made in Japan

120.00 USD

Japanese Sobagara Buckwheat Husk Height Adjustable Pillow Hemp Dark Red Made in Japan. Made by highly skilled Japanese craftsman with made-in-Japan buckwheat husk in Japan. Provides firm support for neck. and height is adjustable. Buckwheat husk pillow has been used in Japan for centuries for its breathability and hygiene. Pillow case is 100% cotton. Usage: As a pillow as well as a foot and backrest (see pictures).

Producer: Emoor Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Size appx: width: 50 x depth: 22 x height: 12 to 15cm
Amount: 1 pillow, Hemp Dark Red
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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A Japanese-made buckwheat pillow that uses buckwheat, a traditional pillow material, as the filling material. Buckwheat grains have excellent breathability and moisture absorption, and absorb excess moisture such as sweat while you sleep. This pillow provides a firm and stable feel without sinking deeply. The buckwheat we use is high-quality Japanese-made buckwheat that has been painstakingly washed, rinsed, dehydrated, and dried at high temperatures repeatedly to remove fine impurities such as powder and dregs. You can adjust the height by changing the strength of the string ties depending on the location and purpose.

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Weight1.5 kg

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