IYEMON Hojicha Tea with Roasted Rice 500g Fukujuen Collaboration – Made in Japan

39.60 USD

IYEMON Hojicha Tea with Roasted Rice. Houjicha (Roasted green tea) tea bag for a cup. Our IYEMON houjicha is a mixture of roasted green tea and rice. Each tea bags envelope is made from aluminum that keeps the freshness longer. You can enjoy the roasted aroma. The mild, nostalgic aroma of hojicha reproduced in instant form. Enjoy during teatime at your office to give you the boost you need to get through the day. Fresh, clear aftertaste. How to enjoy: Mix with 80ml of hot or cold water. Notes: Freshness is essential to tea. Please consume promptly. Ingredients: green tea, roasted rice, dextrin, antioxidant (Vitamin C). IYEMON is one of the most famous Japanese tea bland, and its tea leaf are carefully selected by a Fukujuen tea master. In the brands IYEMON and Ujinotsuyu, IYEMON is the highest brand. Fukujuen, established in 1790 and one of the oldest and largest Japanese tea manufacturers, has dedicated itself to create new types of Japanese teas and help developing Japanese tea culture. UJINOTSUYU is a subsidiary company of Fukujuen and distributes the Japanese teas not only in Japan but also overseas. Our tea is loved by many people in the world.

Producer: Fukujuen Japan
Country of manufacturing: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 x 500g
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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FUKUJUEN Uji Matcha Powder

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