IWAKI Snowtop Coffee Pot & Dripper Set 400ml – Made in Japan

$ 210.00

IWAKI Snowtop Coffee Pot & Dripper Set – 400ml. Standard type using dripper on the pot. You can use both trapezoidal paper filter and conical paper filter because of this dripper's unique shape. You can use the paper filter for one to two persons. Parts material: Dripper / Porcelain, Dripper holder / Plywood ( Oiled ) *Please do not wet the wooden parts with water. *Please do not use the parts in a microwave oven and please do pour hot water on the parts. *Capacity and Dimension are a rough indication.

Producer: Iwaki Japan
Production: Porcelain – Japan
Capacity: 400ml, Size: W9.5×D12.5×H16cm, Box size: W11.5×D11.5×H18.5cm
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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IWAKI Snowtop Water Drip Coffee Server

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Weight2 kg

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