IRIYA COSMETICS Max Ray Metallic Grease 200g – Made in Japan

$ 48.50

IRIYA COSMETICS Max Ray Metallic Grease. Ingredients: Camellia-derived ingredients (gel: camellia seed extract, grease: camellia oil) Ingredients derived from camellia give hair a natural luster. Pearl protein extract Ingredients derived from pearls protect and give shine to hair. Honey A natural moisturizing ingredient that moisturizes hair and gives it a moist, deep luster. Pearl component With mica, it has a glittering texture that makes it easy to imagine gloss. [How to use] Take about the amount of your index finger and stretch it with the palms of both hands. Dry while making a division, and apply to half-dry to dry hair. Stroking with a comb etc., being careful not to spread the side part. Bring out the flow of hair and create a glossy 7/3 split style.

Producer: Iriya Japan
Production: Japan
Amount: 1 x 200g
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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IRIYA COSMETICS Max Ray Metallic Grease - 200gIRIYA COSMETICS Max Ray Metallic Grease - 200g

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