House Kokumaro Japanese Curry Mix Medium Hot 140g 8 servings – Made in Japan

$ 11.50

House Kokumaro Curry Mix Sauce is one of the most popular curry mix products in Japan. House is one of the largest and most trusted curry product producers in Japan. Ingredients: Flour, salt oils, fats, starch, curry powder, sugar, sesame paste, defatted soybean, protein hydrolyzate, spice, whole milk powder, processed onion, garlic powder, dextrin, powder miso, yeast extract processed products, glucose, processed cheese, roasted garlic powder, flavor vegetable flavor powder, yeast extract, seasoning, caramel color, emulsifier, spice, sweetener, spice extract.

Producer: House Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 140g, 8 servings
Taste: Medium hot
Delivery: Directly From Tokyo, Japan

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How to cook delicious Japanese curry:

  1. Cut meat and vegetables into small pieces and stir fry them
  2. Add water to (1) and cook (1) on a mid – low heat for about 20 mins
  3. Turn off the heat and add the curry sauce mix to (1) and mix thoroughly
    • Add, for example, red wine, yogurt or cream depending on your likings
  4. Turn on the heat again and cook (1) on a low heat until (1) gets thick.
  5. Serve the curry with rice and pickles such as fukujin-zuke.

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