HISAMITSU Nobi Nobi Salonship S – Cool Type Pain Relief 12 Patches – Made in Japan

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This product has a renewed version: HISAMITSU Nobi Nobi Salonship F Fit – Cool Type Pain Relief 12 Patches.

HISAMITSU Nobi Nobi Salonship S Cool Type are cool type pain relief patches. The size of the patch is 10cm×14cm. Nobi Nobi Salonship S patches are popular because:

  • Patches are designed so that it’s easy to put the patch on by yourself
  • Corners of the patch are rounded so that it won’t come off easily
  • The patches stretches all directions
  • The patches have very subtle scent so no one would notice you have them on

Producer: Hisamitsu
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 12 patches
Delivery: Right from Tokyo

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